Perunthenaruvi Tourism

The gurgling water fall Perunthenaruvi a natures gift to the place, which meanders through Vechoochira and Naranammoozhy Panchayath of Ranni Taluk in Pathanamthitta District. Perunthenaruvi and surrounding places are exquisitely beautiful places where the tourists can enjoy the panoramic beauty of water falling on the rocky beds beneath and enjoy the quietness and stillness of the deep forest. Perunthenaruvi water falls on the mouth of Pampa River where the water falls into a ravine around 60-100 feet deep. The sparkling waters falling on the rocky paths and sprinkling water drops upward in the air like tiny stream drops highlight the bought of the water fall. Perunthenaruvi water falls is an ideal place once can choose for a one day trip with his family keeping aloof from all the tensions and troubles of routine daily life and relieving oneself from all the strains a one day trip to the site will provide him more energy and vigor indeed.

Ancient History:

The local people here say that the rocky beds seen as on a straight line as reveled from a horse foot print are the imprint laid out by the chariot wheel in which god Sreeram and his wife Sita traveled and it is treated as a strong relic of the past.

The folklore and myths about Perunthenaruvi:

Strangers often meet with accidents falling in the deep rocky paths. The rocky beds of Perunthenaruvi highlight the beauty of the place. There are many rocky beds here, where tourists can easily climb and alight with ease .It is true that dangers also lurks around. Accident death has occurred here quite often. The reason sighted for this is as follows. A gigantic and strongly built Adivasi named Chakkan Velan (Formerly Sakthan Velan) lived in the village. He was in the habit of molesting women and had caused worries to the normal life of people here. Moreover he was a heavy drinker and put fear in the heart and the poor people here. As his mischief crossed limits, the people here put their heads together and decided to exterminate the evil. One day according to the plan a bunch of people brought Chakkan Velan near Perunthenaruvi waterfalls cleverly and gave him highly intoxicated liquor to drink. Their plan was to kick him in to the river when he will be out of his sense. But to their dismay sensing their plan Chakkan Velan caught hold of the bunch of people along with him and jumped into the river and all of then got drowned. After this mishap people there spread a rumor that was the wandering spirit of Chakkan Velan around the waterfalls, which causes the accident deaths from time to time. But the real fact is that only strangers and more adventurers meet accidents in the waterfall who dared to forgo the clear-cut warnings. As such a few years ago a big statue of Chakkan Velan was erected and people here started offering worship in the Paruva Temple, situated below Perunthenaruvi. Liquor and chicken are the main offerings in this temple. Local inhabitants say that thereafter there was considerable reduction in accident deaths. The myth goes like this that once in a year the river Perunthenaruvi unusually flows with a growl and it is believed that it is clear indication for an imminent accident. But there is not an iota of truth in all these falls belief.

Nearby places:

Naaveenaruvi and Panamkudantha Aruvi are the surrounding places of Perunthenaruvi. Nayaveenaruvi is the place where a pet dog of a foreign tourist fell into the water. The name was eventually reduced to the present Naaveenaruvi. Similarly traversing through the forest to a little interior on can reach at Panamkudantha Aruvi. Here the water falls from a height of 400 feet to the top of a Palm tree and hence the name Panamkudantha Aruvi. In fact there is no palm tree visible anywhere there. This place is also highly picturesque and eye-catching.


Development activities are conducted on a fast pace under the stewardship of KTDC. A long foot path for enjoying the water falls above its level, a camp center, dining halls, gardens and lodging facilities for the visitors are being completed. The Sabarimala temple is also situated in this forest area. A journey of 35 km from Pathanamthitta in Vadaserikara – Athikkayam route and 50 km from Kottayam in kanjirappally – Erumely Vechoochira route will fetch you to Perunthenaruvi. If you are an ardent lover of natureā€¦ Definitely you must pay a visit here once. The scenic beauty of nature, the deep and darkness of the woods the sprinkling water drops from the river falling on the rocky beds above and its enchanting sight, the sound and fury of the chirping birds on the trees will of course attract the children and the elders alike. Those who love trucking and traveling n the forest can reach Panamkudantha Aruvi by walk. Declaring a holiday for all the tensions and troubles of day-to-day life, one can spent a whole day here enjoying in close quarters the unbound beauty of nature. There is no doubt that a brief visit to this hilarious place will enable you to enjoy the serenity and cal mess of nature and interact with the abundant beauty of nature.

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