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Keeping aside basic documents if any, the relies of certain temple visible in Kozhuppuchira, Paruva, Noorokadu shows the clear indication that was population in the early days in the village. It is said that the villagers of that time left the place En mass, either fearing an attack from Marava forces or for fear of an onslaught from Whiteflies, which used to destroy their vast cultivation. Falling a prey to the cheat of his follow men and got deeply immersed in the wilderness of Perunthenaruvi along with them, the story Sakthan Velan which has an epic dimension, only remains as a stamp of that glorious period. The Pulaya castes in Ennooramvayal and the Ulladans and Vanamkudikal in Paruva and Kakkudukka places were the only tribal inhabitants of that period. The chief of that Gothram was known as Kanikkaran.

Due to the drastic shortage of water in Kunnam area, during the British reign, they had granted Pattayam to people living in the hillocks of the village and gradually the place Vechoochira came into being. As said earlier the villagers constructed waterbeds maintaining water level for usage and thereby also the name Vechoochira might have arisen. Another argument prevailing is that the villagers used the place for emergency meetings and with the passing of time the word might have reduced to Vechoochira. It is most striking to see that there is a house named Chirackal still in existence, where a waterbed was laid up. As part of missionary works under the leadership of Bishop Gwill, the missionaries of CMS Sabha, a worship hall along with a school was also started. Noorokadu is place where many people owns the worship. It is said that either Nooru ozha (on measure) of forest or due to the presence of a wild fruit named Nooron, which was in abundance in that time happened to get its name as Noorokadu.

The presence of remnants of an old temple, indicates that there was population in the early days indeed. Under the custody of several people with our any valid ownership documents. The place was eventually encroached by Alexander Kuttikandathil Kathanar, a native of Ayiroor, who summoned the Christians from Meenachil Taluk and handed most of the places for lease for cultivating rubbers, coconut etc. It is said that the place where large scale soil erosion took place became Mannadisala and Paruva where a herbs called Paruva was found a plenty came to be known as Paruva. In the region in 1952 I an area of 1500 acre of land a colony was granted by the Govt. to the soldiers served in second world war .In 1968 a mass movement took place in Koothattukulam consequent on the request of the authorities to the Govt. granting 10 acres of land for several development activities. Finally in 1970, the Govt granted 5 acres of land for the purpose.

Even though CMS School in Ennooramvayal was the first opened school in the Panchayath, the first recognized school was EALP school of Arayanpara. The first High school of the Panchayath was Kunnam MTHS (1954). The Venkurinji SNDP High school 1958 and Vechoochira St. Thomas colony govt. high school 1960 were the schools opened lately .It was in 1955 a branch post office commenced in Vechoochira. The same was later upgraded as a sub post office .In 1961 a veterinary hospital was started in the colony area and later due to same technical reasons the hospital was shifted to Vechoochira on 16th April 1977.

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